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Success Stories
Success Stories
The Hospital for Sick Children - Toronto, Ontario

"Since 2004, the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto (Sick Kids) has reduced its energy consumption by 19.3% despite the addition of more energy intensive medical equipment and the expansion of services. Sick Kids is now one of Ontario's most energy efficient hospitals but it believes that its work has just begun. It is now planning to double its energy savings over the next few years."

Timmins and District Hospital - Timmins, Ontario

"Timmins and District Hospital saw its energy bill trimmed by $530,000 in the first full year following the completion of an ambitious energy retrofit project that included new lighting, building controls and the installation of a high efficiency boiler plant for heating and hot water."

Cambridge Memorial Hospital - Cambridge, Ontario

"The hospital will incorporate 'best practice' and 'best available' energy efficient technologies into all aspects of its building replacement program. As part of an energy saving and facility renewal program in partnership with Honeywell, the solar walls on the exterior of the building will significantly lessen energy costs and reduce the hospital's carbon footprint. With financial support from the Government of Canada, matched by the Province through the Ontario Solar Thermal Heating Incentive, it is the largest hospital project of its kind in the world and one of the largest solar projects of the past year in Canada."

Kingston General Hospital - Kingston, Ontario

"The audit identified at least 35 areas in which improvements to building operations could be made, most of them very cost-effectively. The KGH was spending about $2.6 million on energy - $1.5 million on electricity, $925,000 on steam and $135,000 on water. The energy audit identified potential savings of about $200,000 per year, for an initial capital cost of just over $1 million. The investment would thus pay for itself in only five years."